Corporate Retreats



Retreats On & Off-Site

The Mason Consulting Group will partner with any organization to design custom on or off-site retreats.  Each session incorporates adult learning principles & participatory problem solving activities set within a collaborative, goal oriented venue. All custom retreats are strategically designed for strategic alignment– so program results align with your desired business outcomes.


Team Facilitation & Coaching

Why use a facilitator or team coach?
There are several reasons. One of the most important is neutrality.

A neutral facilitator is going to make participants far more willing to participate & speak their mind. A facilitators position and training helps build team trust and openness - surfacing issues that would not be raised otherwise & can help unlayering not only the bad news – but good news as well.

MCG brings a wide range of team coaching & facilitation tools to help make your custom session productive. We free up the client – so internal leaders can show up as part of the team. They can really listen during the session using their energy and intuition to observe input and stated needs -gaining needed perspective on barriers to success.